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    New Hampshire Knits (NH Knits) is Claire's audio knitting podcast which started back in September 2014.  The primary reason for starting the podcast was to give her husband relief from her constant blether about knitting.  She bought a mic and plugged it into her laptop and has been regularly podcasting ever since.  

    Originally from Scotland, Claire remains connected to her country of origin through her passion for knitting and podcasting. She tries to get home to visit her family regularly. Claire’s family lives in Inverness, the capital of the Highlands.

    For the most part, NH Knits is a record of Claire’s knitting adventures, such as what is being knitted, what has recently been finished, things she found irresistible, and things that have caught her eye.  There are sometimes interviews with local fiber producers, and there's a regular and popular segment, the Coop Cast, featuring a visit to the chicken coop for a chat with the girls. It’s a quick half-hour of knitting bliss that you will enjoy time and again!

    The Woolly Thistle proudly sponsors New Hampshire Knits!


    Ep 073 (2/16/18) A Sleeve is a Fine Birthday Present

    Thank you for tuning in to Episode 73.  In addition to what’s On and Off The Needles, I share a silly mistake I made on the current WIP, I nonchalantly give a sleeve as a birthday present and I get excited for the NH Knits Mitten KAL that starts 2/28/18.  There’s also EYF updates, chatter about the Blackerpodkal as well as The Woolly Thistle shop update.  Enjoy!!

    Ep 072 (2/2/18) Purling Back

    Welcome to Ep 72 of New Hampshire Knits where I talk lots about what’s on the needles including my sweater for Edinburgh Yarn Fest as well as what I’ve recently finished.  We have a quick and lovely Coop Cast as well as news about the upcoming NH Knits Colorwork Mitten Kal (#nhkmittenkal2018).   Lots of shop news too.  Enjoy!


    Ep 071 (1/19/18)

    Happy New Year and welcome to episode 71, the first for 2018.  There’s quite a bit Off the Needles, and more On the Needles along with a short farm tale and of course a Woolly Thistle update. I also start planning for “NHKmittenKAL2018” so listen in and enjoy!


    Ep 070 - Knitting Natter (11/23/17)


    Hello and welcome back to NH Knits, episode 70! This episode has lots of knitting natter, a Coop Cast as well as a Woolly Thistle update.  I hope you enjoy, Claire




    Ep 068 - A Bit O' Shetland

    This episode brings you lovely Oliver Henry from Jamieson & Smith in Shetland followed by a Coop Cast, and a whole lot of blether about what's on and off the needles, Project Peace, and a Woolly Thistle update.  Enjoy!


    Ep 067 - Birlinn Yarn Co, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

    Thanks to Meg Rodger who invited my family and I into her warm home on Berneray for a lovely chat about Hebridean sheep, Birlinn Yarn, crofting and life on an Outer Hebridean island.  

    You can find Meg at


    Ep 066 - Welcome Back & Chat with Anne Sinclair of Fair Isle, Shetland

     Link to Fair Isle Fisherman's Kep Facebook Page


    Ep 065 - Hello Summer



    Ep 064 - Catalog of Folly



    Ep 063 - Good Bye Tom (and other stuff)


    Ep 062 - New Hampshire Sheep & Wool is coming!


    Ep 061 - #nhkmittenkal2017 winners


    Ep 060 - Rowan Tree Travel


    Ep 059 - Rusty Love


    Ep 058 - #nhkmittenkal2017



    Ep 057 - Sweater Season


    Ep 056 - Widening Horizons (1/19/17)



    Ep 055 - The Longest Night (12/21/16)




    Ep 054 - Home Fires (12/2/16)



    Ep 053 - no title (11/10/16)

    This episode includes: On The Needles, Off the Needles, Giveaway news, a Coop Cast as well as a Fleece-wise update and a bit about Wovember. Peace and love to all.


    Ep 052 - Rhinebeck Recap (10/24/16)

    In Ep 052 there is, in addition to the usual blether, mention of Rhinebeck and the fun had there. There's giveaway news, and a Coop Cast! 

    The Woolly Thistle is the proud sponsor of New Hampshire Knits.


    Ep 051 - Patternpalooza (10/6/16)


    Hello, and welcome in to Episode 51 where there’s blether (some organized, some not so much!) about Fleece-Wise and why I knitted 4 sleeves for one sweater. There’s lots of Giveaway news and winners are announced. I review 3 patterns including “Point and Counterpoint” by Kino Knits and Imagined Landscapes, “Letterpress” by Sara Bauer and “Amplitude” by Greg Cohoon. I recall my day trip to Vermont Sheep & Wool and then there’s the bit where I realize Rhinebeck is getting close! Enjoy!


    Ep 050 - Fleece-wise, The Series - Part 1 (9/23/16)

    With my friends and fellow podcasters; Sarah of FiberTrek, Sara of Yarns at Yin Hoo and Emily of Fibre Town I am excited to present the first of a four part series we’ve named “Fleece-wise”. We wanted to dig deeper and learn about fleece so that at the end of the series we will, and you will too, feel confident about going to the fleece tent to evaluate the fleeces on offer and make a purchase to be proud of.

    This first part of the Series features interviews with local-to-me farmers, Theresa Walker of Great Bay Wool Works in NH and Jen Cary of Contented Butterfly Farm in VT. I thank them both for their generous time and sharing of their knowledge.


    Ep 049 - Welcome Back (9/8/16)

    Thanks for listening!

    So great to be podcasting after a fun summer filled with kids and activity. This episode features an extended coop cast chronicling all the goings on since we last spoke. There’s a giveaway of yarn from Andre Sue and BostonJen’s Riley Rose pattern which was recently released. There’s blether about my new sock pattern and loads more knitterly chinwagging.


    Ep 048 - Life on Fair Isle (7/21/16)

    This episode captures a blether with my Mum who is becoming well acquainted with life on Fair Isle in the Shetland Islands.

    Thanks for listening!


    Ep 047 (7/8/16)


    Thank you for listening!  Show notes to follow...


    Ep 046 - Summer is Here (6/24/16)

    Thank you for listening!  Show notes to follow...


    Ep 045 - Horriful Acrylic (6/10/16)

    Thank you for listening!  My current work in progress, is the Tidal Tee by Patricia Fortinsky who also is the proprietor of Tidal Yarns. I found Tidal Yarns at the NH Sheep and Wool festival this year. She has a hand in the production of her wool through the process from knowing the sheep to dyeing the yarn with natural dyes. This lovely sea-weedy green yarn is dyed with Orange Osage, Weld and Indigo. I love the yarn, and the pattern is a very simple and quick (despite being fingering weight), so it’s a lovely stress-free knit.


    Ep 044 - NH Sheep & Wool recap (5/26/16)

    Thank you for listening!  Yes, in this episode I mention NH Sheep and Wool quite a bit and there’s audio of some fun conversations I had with Carol Foster of Foster Sheep Farm, Michael Hampton of Hampton Fiber Mill, Kate Solomon of Green Mountain Spinnery and Theresa Walker of Great Bay Wool Works.

    Also in the mix I finished my Selbu Modern Hat. And oh, how I loved knitting this and I love it in it’s finished form as well. So much so I started a second one right away! Yarn and details can be found on my Ravelry project page.


    Ep 043 - Excitement Builds for NHSW (5/10/16)

    Thank you for listening!  Welcome to episode 43 where we get excited for NH Sheep and Wool. There’s also a finished object, something new on the needles, a coop cast and a winner is announced for the Wool Tribe magazine.


    Ep 042 - Interview with Loch Ness Knit Fest (4/29/16)

    Thank you for listening! This episode is a special interview with Willie Cameron, Founder of Loch Ness International Knit Fest and Event Manager, Cecilia Grigor of Planit Scotland. I was lucky to get them both together for this interview when I was in Scotland in March. It’s a good’un! Enjoy!!


    Ep 041 - I Hardly Stop for Breath (4/22/16)

    Thank you for listening! Welcome back to NH Knits where the coop is getting filled and we have a pig pen as well. Lots of knitting chatter and news about needles. I talk about being “Harlotted” and there’s a nice wrap up of the Mitten KAL, as well as a new giveaway. So much to blether about I hardly stop for breath! Please, come on in, and join me, and bring your knitting.


    Ep 040 - Edinburgh! (4/1/16)

    Thank you for listening!  I’m back and recovering from a fabulous trip to Edinburgh for THE Yarn Festival, and then up to Inverness for my sister’s wedding.

    Listen in to hear about my trip and soundscapes from Edinburgh together with interviews with Emma from Knockando Wool Mill, Sonja of Blacker Yarns, Tori Seierstad, and Ella Gordon, this year’s Patron of Shetland Wool Week! You’ll also hear sounds from the Royal Mile in the heart of Edinburgh.


    Ep 039 - Purring Chickens and Other Good Stuff 


    Ep 038 - Mitten Love


    Ep 037 - Colorwork Mitten KAL


    Ep 036 - Pure Dead Brilliant


    Ep 035 - Gauge Issues


    Ep 034 - Procrastination



    Ep 033 - Big Socks


    Ep 032 - Loving Fiber Prep


    Ep 031 - New Broomstick 


    Ep 030 - A Chat with Melody, Mandarines


    Ep 029 - VTSW & Rhinebeck


    Ep 028 - I'm So Excited!



    Ep 027 - Podaversary & Agatha Socks


    Ep 026 - Welcome Back


    Ep 025 - Nick Colony of Harrisville Designs


    Ep 024 - Theresa Walker of Great Bay Wool Works


    Ep 023 - Norway with Michael Hampton


    Ep 022 - Woolly Wash Day

    Ep 021- un-Hap-tastic


    Ep 020 - NH Sheep & Wool


    Ep 019 - NH Sheep & Wool


    Ep 018 - Pretty and Prickly


    Ep 017 - It All Happened in March



    Ep 016


    Ep 015  


    Ep 014 - Hampton Fiber Mill, VT



    Ep 013


    Ep 012


    Ep 011 - Contented Butterfly Farm, shearing day



    Ep 010 


    Ep 009 - Happy Hogmanay


    Ep 008


    Ep 007


    Ep 006


    Ep 005


     Ep 004 


     Ep 003


    Ep 002 


    Ep 001 - The Beginning