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    Shop News - Logistics while I'm in Scotland

    Shop News - Logistics while I'm in Scotland

    As many of you know, I'm planning a trip back home to Scotland with my children.  We will be leaving Wednesday, July 26th and returning August 25th.  My wonderful husband will be joining us for the last week of the trip, but while we are gone and he is home and working his real job as well as taking care of the pigs, chickens, cat and dog, he will also be running the day-to-day operations at The Woolly Thistle.

    Jay has been in training for the last week or two learning how to fill your orders.  Some of you may have already received orders filled by him!  He is doing great and is learning lots about wool and yarn in the process (a nice side-benefit!)

    This means though that your orders might take an extra day or two to be processed (you know, like in other shops!!) because he will be doing this in the evenings.  He is fully committed to keeping things going though, and I really appreciate him keeping the shop open for us.  

    Feel free to make contact via the usual email address ( as I will still be checking my emails when I have wifi.

    The shop will be receiving stock orders while I'm gone.  So if Jay is able to replenish the stock he will so that you will have as much choice as possible when visiting.  However, I would ask that non-urgent requests wait until after I get back 8/25 at which time I will be very happy to get you what you need.

    As I mentioned Jay will be coming to Scotland the last week of our trip so during that time the shop will be on holiday and any orders you place at that time will be fulfilled when I return.  

    I'm planning to blog about our trip and share the places we visit with you here and on Instagram.  Follow @thewoollythistle and @nh_knits for lots of photos of Edinburgh, the Highlands, Shetland, Fair Isle and the Outer Hebrides.  I hope to gather lots of audio for the NH Knits podcast and expect I'll be able to return to podcasting in September when the kids go back to school and I've caught up from being away.  

    Cawdor Castle is where my mum worked for many years until just last year.   She ran the wool shop!  I'm sure we'll be stopping in for a romp around gardens.  They have Hebridean sheep and make yarn from their clip.



    Blacker Yarns selects TWT as their retailer for USA & Canada

    Blacker Yarns selects TWT as their retailer for USA & Canada

    The Woolly Thistle launched with yarns from Blacker Yarns and West Yorkshire Spinners but just a year ago.  I had no idea what adventures lay ahead when I started The Woolly Thistle but suffice to say, it's been marvelous.  Wonderful customers (seriously, you are the best!), excellent yarns, and fantastic knitting books and periodicals often with a Scottish bent have become my world, and I love it.

    Blacker Yarns is a wonderful company, and if I lived in England, I'd get myself to Cornwall and knock on their door every day until they gave me a job.  Any job would do!  

    Blacker recently let me know that going forward The Woolly Thistle would be their yarn shop of choice to stock Blacker Yarns in the USA and Canada.  It was a wonderful surprise to receive and I am honored and excited for this opportunity.  

    The Woolly Thistle strives to provide you with your yarns of choice from Blacker.  If we don't have it in stock, we will get it for you, so just ask!

    A few words from Blacker about their operation:

    At Blacker Yarns we specialise in producing pure, natural, British yarns including a wide selection of breed specific yarns and an exciting range of blends. We always seek to create yarns that embrace and enhance the unique characteristics of different sheep breeds and other fibres.

    All our yarns are made in-house by The Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall and the majority of the fibre we use is bought directly from small British producers. We pride ourselves on the provenance of our yarns, and work extremely hard to minimise our impact on the environment.

    ...and talking of Blacker Yarns, they have a whole new range of colors coming out tomorrow in their BFL lace weight range.  13 colors in all, some quiet and muted, others bright and tropical. All have names inspired from under the sea.  The yarn comes in 50g balls and has approx. 380y.  This soft yet durable yarn will work for so many projects, from garments to lace shawls and everything in between.  It goes on sale first thing tomorrow!

    TWT Welcomes Kettle Yarn Co

    TWT Welcomes Kettle Yarn Co

    "Yarns that stand the test of time"

    The Woolly Thistle is very pleased to have Kettle Yarn Co's Beyul yarn in stock for the first time.  This gorgeous yarn shimmers and is off the charts soft.  It's ethical production is of great importance to Linda, the dyer/owner of Kettle Yarn Co.  She says:

    My fibres are sourced from ethical mills, all materials and products carefully chosen to reduce negative impacts on the environment. For discerning makers looking for the most precious materials, all yarns are extensively wear tested and only the highest quality, scrumptiously soft but rugged blends make the grade for my yarns.

    The Woolly Thistle is honored to stock Beyul, a luxury yarn, hand dyed by Kettle Yarn Co in Hastings, England.

    Hastings is a town on England’s southeast coast. It's known for the 1066 Battle of Hastings, fought on a nearby field where Battle Abbey now stands. The Norman ruins of Hastings Castle, once home to William the Conqueror, overlook the English Channel.


    Beyul is Kettle Yarn Co's luxury blend consisting of 20% baby yak, 20% silk and 60% ethically sourced super wash merino.

    Yak Faks

    Did you know that cashmere production is creating huge environmental problems in Asia which are, in turn, negatively affecting the global climate and animal welfare? In contrast yaks have a minimal impact on sparse grassland and every single facet of the yak is used for survival making them and their fleece extremely environmental.

    A single Yak produces a mere 100g of down a year…one average skein of fingering weight yarn, making it a rare and precious fibre. Hand-combed or plucked, this short fibre sits between the most luxurious fine Cashmere and softest baby Camel in micron thickness and has a similar butter-soft handle and gloriously gentle halo… however – it has the added benefit of pilling less than either fibre.

    Yak is durable, breathable, lightweight and its incredible thermal properties keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.


    So, hop on over to see the full range of shades available at The Woolly Thistle and snag some luxury for yourself.

    Best wishes, Claire



    Hole & Sons, Very Last Chance Kit

    Hole & Sons, Very Last Chance Kit

    Last week, we offered several Hole & Sons Purbeck Shawl kits which sold out within 2 minutes of going live on both updates.  The Kits were made up of 6 balls of Hole & Sons yarn, a printed "Tales from the Isle of Purbeck Shawl" pattern by Annie Rowden (@byAnnieClaire) and a tote bag from The Woolly Thistle.
    We knew the kits would sell out instantly - this is very special yarn - so we held several kits back so that we could offer them again to those who were not lucky enough to get one the first time.
    We will announce a date soon as to the next and last update.  
    This will be the very last update.  
    What we have left here is all there is left anywhere - except for those that have found their homes with you! 
    Thanks to Sue Hole of Isle Yarns for letting us enjoy the last of Hole & Sons!
    Good luck, and follow @thewoollythistle on Instagram for update information.

    Tukuwool is off to a great start!

    Tukuwool is off to a great start!

    We launched Tukuwool Fingering and Sock yarns at midnight yesterday and you love it!  Soon you will be receiving your packages and we hope you truly love your choice.  We stock some natural colors and most of the heathered shades.  The deep overdying mingles perfectly with the gray wool base.  Personally, I can't wait to try out the sock yarn for myself, although I'm sorely tempted to cast on a color work cardigan, or perhaps my first Joji pattern, calling for Fingering weight.

    All this to say that stocks have run a wee bit low in some colors.  An order has been placed to not only replenish our offerings but to expand upon it so we can offer you more choices and in the quantities you need. 

    For some knitterly inspiration, have a look at the Collections Page, where there's also a link to all the patterns knitted with Tukuwool on Ravelry.

    Remember to post your Tukuwool purchases to Instagram and tag @thewoollythistle so we can see and enjoy your new yarn!

    Bye for now, Claire

    Tukuwool from Finland arrives at TWT

    Tukuwool from Finland arrives at TWT

    Exciting and busy days here at The Woolly Thistle.  Having just got all the Laine 2 magazines out to you (phew!) we are now working hard to get Tukuwool from Finland ready for you to enjoy.  Tukuwool will be available tomorrow, Wednesday 5/24/17.

    The Woolly Thistle is stocking both Tukuwool Fingering and Tukuwool Sock yarn lines.    Both yarns are made with 100% Finnish wool, with Sock containing 20% nylon for added strength.

    Tukuwool Fingering comes in 50g skeins with approximately 213 yards per skein.  Sock also comes in 50g skeins with approximately 175 yards per skein.  Both yarns come in a selection of naturals and heathered shades.  As more shades become available from Tukuwool we will update our inventory to offer as many shades as possible.

    Tukuwool has a lovely hand which I think is strong and round.  It has the feeling of being a yarn that will last forever while being soft against your skin.  It's perfectly rustic but with a hint of softness that should please almost everyone.

    You will find pattern suggestions on the Collections Page where you will find top designers creating beautiful garments and accessories with Tukuwool.

    The Woolly Thistle is continually buoyed by customers' enthusiasm for the yarns and accessories we stock here in the shop.  Thank you for your continued support as The Woolly Thistle expands into offering you more yarn from the UK and Scandinavia.

    Cheers, Claire